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Amazon Brand Registry and Trademark Protection

Selling on Amazon can potentially become a nightmare. With the wrong paperwork, you might have little to almost no power to change your product details and even to change faulty information written by other sellers.

How to protect your brand on Amazon

To protect your brand, Amazon came up with the Amazon brand registry. The Amazon brand registry is available to anybody that sells products on their websites. Any brand with a registered trademark can register for this. To be admissible you need to provide Amazon the trademark registration number of your brand that you want to protect, a list of your product categories, a brand website, the list of the countries your products are being manufactured and distributed, the images of your brand’s logo, the images of your products and the image of your packaging.

Once you have sent all the information, Amazon will send a verification code to the firm or person that filed the trademark. Once the verification is received, you should contact the person that filed the trademark (usually your lawyer) to get your code. To complete your application, you need to give Amazon the verification code that you received.

Why should you use Amazon Brand Registry?

Every brand that has a registered trademark should use the Amazon brand registry because it will give you more protection and control over the product you sell on their website. The brand registry will reduce potential intellectual property rights violations, and also promote an accurate description and representation of your product on the Amazon website. So this brand registry will give your products some protection against other sellers, and give you the possibility to increase the conversion rate.

Without the brand registry, you can still have some protections, but it is important to mention that to open a case to fix an issue with Amazon, it can be a real struggle. The brand registry will prioritize every brand that is registered.

Link for Amazon Brand Registry services: (

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