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Insights for Business Owners

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Episode 1

Design Patents with Alan Cote

Our first podcast episode was about Design Patents with patent agent Alan Cote from Green Mountain Innovations ( 


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Tube Lights

Episode 2

Building a Business with Brett Johnson of Simpleroute

Our second episode was with Brett Johnson of Simpleroute who told us how he built a company from one to nine employees. 

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In Meeting

Our third episode was with Dave Rubel a commercial lender from Community National Bank

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Episode 3

Commercial Lending with Dave Rubel from Community National Bank

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Episode 4 

Real Estate Investing with

Reuben Stone and Mark Browning

Our fourth podcast episode was with Reuben Stone and Mark Browning of Stone and Browning Property Management discussing real estate investment. 


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Drone above an Ocean

Episode 5

Drone Law with Matt Swenson

Our fifth episode with Matt Swenson of Matt Swenson Productions discussing drone law. 


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Greek Island

Episode 6 

Business Acquisitions with

Jay Mitiguy

Our sixth podcast with Jay Mitiguy of East Shore Investments about business acquisitions. 

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Episode 7

Litigation Tips for Business Owners with Liz Bostwick

Our seventh podcast was with veteran litigator, Liz Bostwick, about litigation tips for small businesses. 

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Episode 8

Watch the Money

with Justin Wicks, CPA

Our eighth episode with Justin Wicks of Stowe CPAs about how small businesses need to "watch the money".

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Episode 9

Leadership Lessons

with Chris Johnson

Join us in our interview with former Navy Captain, Chris Johnson, about leadership lessons for small businesses.  

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Episode 10
Creativity in Business
with Adam Scherr

Adam Scherr, film producer and owner of Nous Entertainment shares his insights on Creativity in Business.  

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Episode 11
Tim Monty on Planning for a Business Sale or Merger

Join us in our great discussion on planning and executing a successful business sale or merger with Tim Monty

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Episode 12
Eric Gulko on Hiring and Retaining Employees in the Covid Era

Fascinating discussion with Eric Gulko of Innovo Benefits Group about how to hire and retain employees in the Covid era.

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Episode 13
Micah Mortali on Mindfulness 

Thought-provoking conversation with Micah Mortali about how employers can support their employees through nature therapy and mindfulness in the age of Covid.

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Episode 14
Buying a Business with Tim Fortune

Fantastic discussion with Tim Fortune, owner of Paw Print & Mail and Catamount Marketing, on the challenges and opportunities that come with buying an existing business.

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Episode 15
Celebrating 7th Anniversary of Sterrett Law

Stace Caseria from Trust Deep Marketing interviewed Dave about lessons learned from finishing 7 years of business at Sterrett Law, PLC. 

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Episode 16: Lauren Keches and Bria McCray (HumanSide Inc.)

Dropping by for our latest episode of Insights for Business Owners are the wonderful Lauren Keches and Bria McCray of the fascinating HumanSide Inc. They offer some insight as to how their organization trains executives to cultivate positive, forward-thinking intrapersonal relations within one's company.


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Roman Beylin

Episode 17
Roman Beylin, CEO of Due Dilio

Join our fascinating conversation with, Roman Beylin, CEO of Due Dilio about his innovative due diligence marketplace for M&A deals.  


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Kent photo.jpg

Episode 18: Thomas Barnico and Matt Kent on the FTC's Proposed Ban on Non-Competes

 Non-compete experts Thomas Barnico and Matt Kent delve into the FTC's newly proposed rule on non-compete clauses. Barnico, an adjunct professor at Boston College Law School, and Kent, a competition policy advocate with Public Citizen provide valuable insights into the FTC's stance on non-compete clauses and their implications for workers, the economy, and small businesses. 

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Episode 19: Legal World & AI (ft. Joe Wilbert)

In this episode, we have an extensive discussion with attorney and entrepreneur Joe Wilbert about his early jumpstart in the legal realm of artificial intelligence and hear his expertise on what benefits (and risks) the exponential rise of neural networks and automation poses to professionals and regular folk alike.


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Nick Zaremba_edited.jpg

Episode 20: Independent Artists in an AI World (ft. Nick Zaremba)

In this episode, we are joined by the extremely talented Nick Zaremba to discuss the tribulations between independent artists and corporate employers and lends us his surprising take on what AI means for the future of self-employed creators.

Listen here.

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