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Registering a Trademark in Canada

The definition of a trademark in Canada is similar to the American definition. A trademark in Canada is a set of letters, phrases, sounds, or even a design that distinguishes your brand from the other companies in the same industry.

Canadian trademark registration will give exclusivity for your trademark federally** for 15 years which is renewable.

There are three types of trademarks in Canada:

• Ordinary mark: An ordinary mark is a set of words, designs, sound or any combination of these three things that distinguish goods or services from others.

• Certification mark: The certification mark is a license that shows a particular good or service that meets a specific standard.

• A distinguishing guise: A distinguishing guise is when you want to trademark the shape of your good or their container. It can also be a way of wrapping or packaging a good in a way that distinguishes your goods from others.

** In Canada, a trademark is only administered federally, even if your products/ services are offered in only one province.

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