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Bankruptcy Sales 101

Bankruptcy sales embody the essence of the statement “one person's trash is another's treasure.” In this post we will be discussing the opportunity of buying assets out of a bankruptcy sale.

When a business declares bankruptcy under Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code, a court will oversee the process of the debtor’s reorganization of its assets and business affairs. Often-times a great deal of an indebted company’s assets are sold at major discounts pursuant to a court’s approval under Section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code. These 363 sales, while often tricky to navigate, offer an unbeatable opportunity to find your treasure amongst the discarded trash of a bankruptcy filing.

At Sterrett Law, we are here to guide you through the process of purchasing assets from a 363 sale. We prioritize transparent, efficient, and low cost solutions; so, whether you need help with due diligence, negotiating an offer, or closing contracts on a sale, we are here to protect your interests!

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